News: Jackass Chick style

Jackass Chick style

Jackass Chick style

Imagine a Jackass movie with all girls in it.  Let's show everyone how a girl can do everything these jackass stars can do.  We'd just need to change it up a bit.

  • Instead of punching eachother in the penis , girls would punch in the boob.
  • Instead of having fake saggy balls that hang out , a girl could get a fake period leak through her jeans and walk through town. 
  • Instead of all the penis stunts , there could be boob stunts.

 etc etc , girls could do everything the guys can do , just in a different  way . I'd be willing to do anything the guys can do.

The main stunt I propose is the fake period leak through the jeans.

Setting: Girl who doesn't understand english get's her period

  1. Walks through town like nothings happening .
  2. When every pedestrian notices she had a unfortunate leak
  3. As everyone tries to tell her , she still doesn't understand

WHY? Reaction of peoples faces causes it to be funny 

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