News: The Jackass Olympic Games

The Jackass Olympic Games

The Jackass Olympic Games

Have you got the olympic balls!!!! Nuts this is going to hurt!!!!  

The Jackass Olympics is a test not only of athleticism but also what every true sportsman or in some case women should have balls of steel!!

I foresee the event to be a close contest, with the winner being awarded what all winners should receive in this event fuck all but pain and a laugh!

The Jackas Olympics wil consist of an opening & closing cermony with 3 main sporting events with a sick twist!

Opening Cermony, the olympic anal torch is lit (as it sounds)

Event 1 The Crazy Hurdles, a regular set of hurdles used but set at a high height and if you are so lucky to hurdle that then you must stay on your feet as landing or marbles is difficult

Event 2 The Triple Jump, again regular setup but the triple jumping involves a hop over broken glass a skip over mouse traps and jump not into sand but into thumbtacks or if to severe then just sand but stone filled sand!

Event 3 The Pole Vault or the High Jump but not on to a nice air cushion into a pile of tree branches

Closing Cermony Fireworks or if really stupid the firework relay race

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