Ive noticed when Im drunk I SUCK HARD.
By that I mean I give some serious hickeys. Not a little romantic pink mouth size thing. Im talkin some major black, blue, purple, red broken blood capillary, teeth included, raping the whole side of a neck type shit. It looks majorly brutal and takes months to go away. 

Muuuuch worse than the pic ^^

Maybe this can go to use on the face, eyes, nose, necks of the jackass dudes.
Then they can all have a matching love mark from the "Suck Queen".

It would be hilarious to see all the jackass crew, throughout ALLLLL the promo for jackass 3D to have the most gnarly looking, multicolored, matching neck bruises.

We could also add a vampire element to the Jackass sucking, I could wear some grills with vampire fangs or something..Goth/69 eyes Helsinki Vampire Style.

They could also have a "Movement Measure" downstairs during all the ravaging. The Measure could be a competition in abstinence, to see who can try their hardest not to get hard. Or the opposite, see whose the most virile and can get hard the quickest during all the neck rape. 

Im in South Australia but Id fly myself there at the drop of a hat for sure!

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