Johnny's belated Debauchery Bachelor Party of Shame.

Johnny's belated Debauchery Bachelor Party of Shame.

First off, congratulations to Jonny & Naomi to their marriage Friday. Great timing for Johnny to make an honest woman of the bride; 9 months AFTER your son's birth. HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE.

Its safe to say that Johnny did not get a proper bachelor party before he tied the knot.

So Johnny gets called to meet Jeff Trenmaine at his office or some other building. When Johnny arrives, he is surprised to find a 'bachelor party' has been set up by all of his friends. Every gay male stripper, every morbid obese fat lady stripper, every tranny & drag queen, and every freak & fetish artist around Hollywood is hired to give a true goodbye to the bachelorhood life for Johnny, and a night he will truly never forget (no matter how hard he tries)!!

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