News: Jump the Shark!

Jump the Shark!

Jump the Shark!

This prank/stunt pays tribute the original Happy Days episode that started the phrase, "Jump the Shark".  The elaborate prank involves setting up a ski ramp to an ocean buoyed caged (a la Happy Days).  The shark is a realistic animatronic rental (I looked into it...they do exist and can be used for ocean shoots).  The unsuspecting skier (of your choosing) dresses like "The Fonz" ...except his leather jacket features chum-filled pockets with large chunks of fresh tuna attached to the jacket.  As the skier is towed toward the ramp, the boat driver cuts power (as another accomplice cuts the ski rope) just enough to launch the skier into the "cage of death" with the shark.  What happens next is priceless footage as the skier panics and swims to save his life.  It's elaborate...but let's be honest...some of the best pranks you've done involve someone thinking their life was in danger!

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A little inspiration...

I think we can get Henry Winkler to do a cameo. That guy lives to jump sharks!

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