News: Kibbles And Nuts

Kibbles And Nuts

Kibbles And Nuts

Have Pontius lay on the beach with a nice chetah thong on. Make sure he has a good amount of Peanut Butter spread all over his genitala.  If the Dick is viewable thats up to you guys, (it works with the thong on as well.) Unleash a horny dog in heat up to Pontius. The dog WILL go straight for balls and dick with Love. Doggy will lick and lick his dick (through the cheetah) No Censorship needed. In front of a crowd at the beach while Pontius is laying down , It will be a laugh riot..  BTW i have many ideas and I am your Number 1 Fan. and Im steve-os Second Biggets fan, by the way... GOd Speed Fellows

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