News: Kidnap Bungie jump

Kidnap Bungie jump

Kidnap Bungie jump

Well,  we all know what bungie jumping is,  and we all know what kidnaping is,  so why the hell not mix them together!!  Just pretend to kidnap one of the guys when he's out doing his usual thing,  dont let him know its you,  then as he is blindfolded and tied up,  take him to a brigde (or anything bungie jumpable!).  Then as he is still tied up and blindfolded,  attach a bungie cord to him,  without him knowing,  and throw him off!  And all the while he thinks he's falling to his death!

Stern,  stern but fair.

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hhaha great!! make it a padded box then you can install cameras and speakers and maybe a flip out TV so at the end when the bungie stops the jackass can see all his pals on the monitor laughing and you can film his reaction.

side note :
there are allot of great stunts like this on this cork board that need to be kept away from the other jackass guys eyes otherwise they will know what is in store for them , ruins the surprise , but the moderator said there is no plan to have private entries. which is a damn shame.

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