News: A large rolling shit brownie.

A large rolling shit brownie.

A large rolling shit brownie.

The Brownie



  • 1000 boxes of brownie mix [1000$]
  • 100 bottles of corn oil [500$]
  • 100 Frosting [500$]

Step 1 Bake

Bake all brownie boxes with 1 and 1/2 what it says to add oil.

Step 2 Oil and Box

Throw all Brownie into Card board Box and pack together.

Step 3 Frosting Brownie Together

Pack the brownie boxes together on the Frosting to create a large shit brownie.

Step 4 Oil Up

Oil up around the brownie and pack it tight to look like a large shit block.

Step 5 Roll

Drive everyone to a street with a road that is on a hill.

Let everyone out and while they wonder what is going on a large shit brownie rolls down the hill after them.

They all can be crushed by the brownie. You need them to where helmets if possible.


  • Drive with limo
  • Add extra oil a LOT
  • glue the helmets to the victims head to keep them from taking it off



If the brownie is to hard it can be dangerous. The frosting is to make it fall apart and the oil is to keep it together.

BROWNIE IS LARGE like 10 x 10 to 20 x 20 ft around or larger.

Brownie will break apart so you need to crush everyone close up.

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