News: Lemonade 4 Sale

Lemonade 4 Sale

Lemonade 4 Sale


manhattan construction site

Necessary Items: 

7-story cranes, bungie cords, goggles, wetness on the ground, all the paraphanalia to make you think we just had a port-a-potty launch.  But the fake-out is that the port-a-potties are clean as a whistle, brand spanking new on the inside.

3 port a potties in a row.  (Must be brand new. not used)

Knoxville mans one port a potty, goggles on forehead, fake-stained overalls.Fastening up his belt buckle, Knoxville stumbles out of his port a potty.  Sets up a lemonade for 50 cents sign.  The spillage on the ground appears gross as hell.  but (we know) it is just water.  Maybe the sign says, Free.  Folding table.  Folding chair.  Dixie Cups.  Pitcher.  Fresh Lemons float.  He serves the passers by Lemonade.  When the pitcher is empty, he goes back to the very very clean Port-a-potty to refill the Lemonade Pitcher. Door of port a potty is left wide open for all to see.  he takes the pitcher and reaches deep deep down to refill.  Exiting port a potty takes a swig himself.  Mmmm....good.  Fresh Lemonade.

Pontius mans the second one.  Same concept but he is selling brownies or cup cakes.  Oven happens to be deep inside Port a potty.

Accomplice mans the third.  

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