News: Limo driver arrested for kidnapping

Limo driver arrested for kidnapping

Limo driver arrested for kidnapping

Ok, so this is going to be a prank on the driver that picks us up from the airport when you guys fly us to L.A.. The driver will pick us up and all the way to where ever we're goin we'll just be cool or we could act like we're on the phone or something so he'll be wondering what we're doin it the back seat. Then he'll get pulled over by a bunch of cops, fake ones of course(or real if you want to ha), and they'll pull their guns out and tell him to get the fuck out of the car. The cops will be violent and shit ha and arrest him for kidnapping us and we'll go with it too telling the cops he asked us for a ride and we said thats ok and he put a gun to us and made us get into the limo. Make sure he hears us saying that to the cops too ha. They'll put him in a cop car and drive off with him and on the way they can tell him he's fucked and stuff and then he's being pranked by Jackass. Prank our driver guys, yeah!

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I meant Hollywood. I've had a few drinks when I've written most of these ha. Some things might be wrong or dont make sense ha, but they're funny.

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