This is a game just like "TRUTH or DARE" just the "JACKASS" way. Get some of the crew (try for AT LEAST 4) ready. Once the players are known, find out who will be going first. That person will pick someone to pick "LOSE OF FAIL". If they pick "LOSE" you must think of 1st dumb idea pops in your head or something already made up. If they pick "FAIL" they are hit in the nuts (as many times as you all have picked). This goes on till one person is left. 


  • Need a nice amount of people to play
  • Would be better to have a list of what ppl will do if they get "LOSE"
  • Do AT LEAST 2 times hit in the balls if pick "FAIL" Once is to pussy
  • You cant drop out the game right away 
  • To be out must pick "FAIL" AT LEAST 3times 

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