News: More Jackass on MOVIES

More Jackass on MOVIES

This is just a comment but I'd like really much if u take it as an advice too

It would be awesome if u make more movies and not serie, 'cause i don't know what happened to the serie ends up so quickly and it didn't last so much, it was unbelievable to know that, but I think jackass is better on movies, so my advice is .. jajaja Jackass 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 jajajaj and many many more jajaja and pleasee with the SAMEE CAST AND CREWW! it'd AWESOME if is the same crew with dave ehren JOHNNY steveO BAMM, CHRIS wee man prestonnn, my god they're awesome so do not please change them, just recently I saw their show, and then I can't get over them jajajajajaja so do not change them jajajaja it's an advice, of course :P

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