News: mouth of fire!

mouth of fire!

mouth of fire!

hi bitches!

i'm from costa rica! and i love you guys and the show!

i was thinking this:

what if you guys bring al the crew to a very fancy restaurant of something like that(i'm thinking in a place that sells sandwishes).. before that you have to talk whit the owner of the place, and tell him that you guys need that in one of the sandwishes they put a lot of a very diabolic super extra hot chilli or tabasco! when the guy who eats the sandwhish have his mouth on fire you guys will bring him a soda(coke or pepsi or something that came in a can) but is not a normal can of soda, you all guys have to spit until you full the can a few hours later, i guess you will find the right place to close the can in a way that it looks perfectly normal, so he will not suspect anything. i dn't know if it's the best prank but i know that i will make a lot of people vomit!

thanks for reading my idea anda please forgeve me if a make some bad spelling 'cause english is not my first language!

see ya all in da pit!!

and if you guys come someday here to my country please let me know so i can met you and hang out with you making stupid shit!

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