News: To much shit

To much shit

To much shit

My prank is that you go to your buddies house Because you are going to make him/her something to eat. While your cooking the food you grab one of the bottles of laxcitives in your pures or a bag of "special ingretiences" that you brought with you, and with that bottle of lax. you poor it on the food while its cooking and then you grab your buddies drink and you grab another bottle of lax.(if you finished the first bottle) and poor it in his/her drink and put a little sugar in there just to make it taste a lil better. Then while your friend is eating it. Go and lock every bathroom door they have in their house and put up little cameras when you lock the bathrooms. then when your done eating tell him/her that you have some things to do and leave striaght home and change the channel so you can See the magic happen.


  • make dure to get 2 to 3 bottles of liqid lax.
  • make sure you get the cameras that you can watch at home while the prank happends at your friends house
  • make sure to put the cameras in a position to were you can see whats happening realy good.
  • make sure your buddy doesn't know whats going on.


  • there will be some shitting of your buddies pants So If you have a weak somatch you will adventualy prank your self

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