News: New cast member.

New cast member.

New cast member.

1) Pitch 'new cast member'. Highlight his hilarious catch phrase 'ShitPiece!'. Record comments made. Be sure to take shots at the validity of anyone who objects.

2) Film a skit (or a few, montaged) that is/are tragically ruined by the 'new guy' being afraid of heights, having bad timing, etc. -Punctuated by his catch phrase.

3) The new guy is fired.

4) A stunt is in mid execution that involves being buried up to the neck, wearing safety glasses and being bombarded with whiffle golf balls filled with moist dung when the 'new guy' disgruntled, returns with a weed wacker.

5) Ehren runs out in a 'haha got you back' moment, and...

6) There is a multiple Tea bagging. "Shitpiece!"

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