News: New Hair Bet

New Hair Bet

You buy some booze and invite your "friends" to come have a drink with you and when they show up you start drinking and propose a bet say I bought the alcohol and invited you assholes so the first person to pass out tonight has to have a eating contest with who ever I say the next day... and they should most likely all agree because it seems so harmless....

Then the first person to pass out cold gets their head shaved and every one who is still awake shaves off all their pubes and ass hair anything you can get from around there and collect it all together and glue it to the passed out persons head and then tell them that in the eating contest you are going to put something special in the losers food (but in reality that is not true) then wake up the loser of the bet abruptly either hit them with raw eggs paint balls anything shocking to jolt them into urgency and then tell them they to have the eating contest right now but then you state the only rule which is they must be blindfolded, now the 2 people should eat the same things however the "losers" food gets something extra like each has 1 apple pie but the guy who lost the bet gets a pie with magots and roaches baked in and the contestant gets the normal pie but just as they sit down with blind folds on switch the pies and shout go the one guy with the pubes on his head will be chowing down and so will the other guy but he thinks the other guy is eating magots and roaches when really he is then when someone is done say stop and then say today there are no winners you are both losers you have pubic hair glued to your head and you just ate a pie with magots and roaches in it.

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