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First take a picture of a friends car. Second upload the picture to either ebay or any other place like that. Third drive the car to some were he or she will not find it. Fourth make sure you show the picture to your friend with he or she realising you did it. Fifth as he or she is looking every were like websites and other places get one of your other friends to buy it.Sixth get your friend to drive it somewere were your other friend is so that he or she can see it. Seventh try to make sure that he or she follows the car.Eighth before he or she finds he car fill the car with anything like garbage, crap or even some sort of liquid. And last but leas once he or she finds the car video tape he or she as she get furius.


  • So he or she doesnt get to upset get he or she a new car, but make sure it is a crapie car.

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