News: The Nuthouse Electric Chairs

The Nuthouse Electric Chairs

The Nuthouse Electric Chairs

The Nuthouse Electric Chairs

The entire Jackass gang are seated around a large conference table. They are seriously strapped down in the chairs and wires & electrodes are attached to all of them. In front of each them is are large unmarked push buttons. Each umarked button is linked to a certain Jackass member. When any button is pushed, some serious voltage is sent to a specific person. However the juice will be turned off, for most of the time, for a preceding event will be taking place will be well, SOME WEIRD STRANGENESS

For what will take place first, will an extensive pyschological evalutation and interview process by none other than Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Dr. Pinsky will conduct a counseling session with each Jackass member one by one, and then he conduct a group therapy session-to have then open up on one another.

After an extensive evaluation process by Dr Pinsky, well into the group therapy moment, Jeff Tremaine will secretly turn on the juice.

You know the guys will have been wondering what the hell is going on, what are the buttons for & why they are not working, when suddenly one of guys hits one of the buttons & shocks the holy shit out one of the Jackass guys. The entire gang realizes what will be happening now and they will begin an ounslaught of electricity induced pain on each other.

With everybody restrained in their "electric chairs" and unable to escape the fiery pain, The goal of this stunt is that we will finally see how REALLY far all the guys are willing to take the hurt-and to give the hurt to the rest for the sheer enjoyment of the pleasure of the suffering of all involved!!

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