News: old man and the bloody pool

old man and the bloody pool

old man and the bloody pool

ok i know lately the jack ass guys have had to resort to the old man bit to get some funny stuff in joe public so iv had this idea first as a high school prank but my friends thought it was just wrong so i assume its perfect for you guys (at least i think it would make a good prank) anyway. the prank goes that we go to some random public pool and fill the whole thing up with red die or enough to make it look like a body was thrown in there and then just throw some random plastic body parts like the ones you can buy at a holloween store ( the tackyer or faker looking the better)  and make it look like someone chopped up a body and threw it in there and as the first swimers of the day come up have knoxvile or anyone really as an old man exit the area looking guilty and high tall it out of there and boom prank. ya i know what kind of sicko comes up with this crap when i first told my family they thought it would be funny so i guess either its good or my whole family has some really dark f-ed up sense of humor like i do lol 

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