News: Old man random riot

Old man random riot

Old man random riot

The main idea behind this prank is to have the publics attention/reactions in the city.

  1. Get people dressed up as old men
  2. Have 3-4 different groups with 2-4 people
  3. Go to the middle of the city/town
  4. Have one group in a car, another walking on the side walk, another comming out of the shop, another a a fastfood place.
  5. As they all randomly meet up they get in a fight about soemthoing like anything that would be funny.
  6. They then start throwing eggs at each other one group throws fart bombs in the old mans car, one group air horns them in the ear, one throws their food at they, one spray paints the car, one throws a firecracker near the screne etc. Anything that would be fuunny. This should last 5-10 mintues maybe longer if no one breaks up the fight.
  7. They then all drive off before getting arrested or worse beaten up by the public.

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