News: Operation Dumbass.

Operation Dumbass.

Operation Dumbass.

     Here's the wildest prank ever for Jackass! It's Operation Dumbass. Operation Dumbass is consist of a fast motorcycle, 50 ramp, big glass tank, & the several dangerous sharks. Operation Dumbass can be up to one or many people (if anybody has the guts to do it).

      Here is my prank. The prank goes like this, a 50 feet ramp front of a big tank filled with dangerous sharks. Also someone going at the speed of 150 or 260 mph to jump over the tank of dangerous sharks known to man. But the person can take time to do it. No more than an hour or so.

      Once they get ready to do the prank, they get the speed & go at it. If they get the speed, they would have to make it to the other side & not get into the tank filled with sharks. If do land it correctly, they would land on a soft huge mattress.


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