News: Operation Freakout 2

Operation Freakout 2

Operation Freakout 2

This one would be involving Ape (sorry Ape, I don't have anything against you.) Get some of the slimiest, creepiest creatures you can think of (besides a naked Novak) put them either in her bed whilst she is sleeping or her car.

Plan A: If it's her bed, have a naked Novak jump to wake her up. She'll scream from that and start screaming even more when she realizes that there's slimy and creepy creatures in her bed (besies Nudie Novak). Her face will be priceless!

Plan B: If it's her car, put the creatures in there along with a few racoons and a duck taped naked Novak (no doubt he'll be fighting in protest) for good measure. Do this not too long before she leaves for work, making her late. Thus ending Operation Freakout 2

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