News: Operation in Real Life

Operation in Real Life

Operation in Real Life

Have you ever played the game operation? If so you know that if you touch the patient the game buzzes and lights up. Well my idea is to connect a person to the game with muscle stimulators. So every time a player touches the patient the person connected to the game get a shock to that part of the body where the player has touched.

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Are u #$%@ing kidding me

Well, congrats to Grayson. Man, I'm going to need a few days alone to go cry in the shower while I drink orange juice straight from the carton.


Its funny but I gotta say not the best Idea i saw on here. Lucky.

its a good idea, but they had muscle simulators on the first movie,
giveme a break its not even a prank,,,

well good job ur super lucky

hey its better than all the other things involving #$%@, lmao.

i read tons of better ideas. i had a feeling a crap prank would win. good job nonetheless

That is bull#$%@ at best. dont tell me mtv is #$%@ing your ratholes. I know mine wasn't the best but that #$%@ is too simple and isnt even a #$%@ING PRANK. BUll#$%@ guys. breaking thousands of jackass hearts

We may be annoyed but unfortunately the rules say they can pick any winner they want.


This isnt really even a prank and it #$%@ing sucks also. This isnt even funny. Did this person really win, or are they just saying they did? Are you pranking all of us by picking the #$%@iest one?

If one of mine gets honorable mention I'm gonna be pissed. lol Especially if its the 21 cannon #$%@ slide wake up.

congrats man.. not really what i expected to see as the winner being that they have already used muscle stimulators.. and theres not much "good tv" you could get out of this event. it dosent seem to meet any of the criteria for the contest but none the less congrats. you did win. you are a lucky man..

I love how we are all giving the winners congrats while pointing out how the winning entry shouldn't have won.

haha no #$%@!! its cuz everyone is bummed by the turnout, not to mention the winner NOT being them.. like me! :( haha well there's always next lifetime..

im not saying it shouldnt have won. no one really knows what they were looking for. and we all basically took a guess and hoped for the best. i just figured they were aiming towards something with a little more to it.

Well, they kept saying, come up with something crazy and original. I was expecting them to pick something over the top and wild.

yeah.. i was kinda hoping for a little more originality.

Wow alot of you are being sore losers... time to grow up everybody. Congrats to the winner!

its not about being a sore loser.. i did submit one but i found a bunch that i thought were better than mine. so sore loser i am not

Same here. There were alot of better ideas that should have won.

indeed i agree, i loved some of the ideas; so its not being a sore loser, i coudlnt of won- im in the uk. but this is just... eh. its dull.

...Ok i have read the prank a million times and I still don't get it, really it makes no sense at all?

I'm assuming they will stick the stimulator's in the same positions as the openings are on the board game, but on the "victims" body. Then someone will play the game, and if someone touches the sides then the person hooked up to this gizmo will get shocked in that area. Does that make sense? I could be wrong.

but.. theyve already worked with muscle stimulators.... were they high when they picked the winner?

Way to drop the ball guys. I read alot of the ideas and this one is just L-A-M-E...

wasnt this called the 'jackass 3D PRANK contest?' how the hell did this win?

I get to meet Knoxville Friday and I'm gonna ask if the members of Jackass actually picked it or if someone else did 'cause this idea is so lame.

Oops seem this idea hasnt gone down too well and I'm not surprised either..! It sounds like it would be a giggle to do but we've seen it b4, it certainly wont be one that'll make me laughing.
Thumbs down for that one Jackass boys plus it's not even a prank...!

This isnt that funny. Did they even read some of the others?

That was pretty funny, but it´s not really a prank.. But to all of you that says it´s not Funny, just wait until you have seen the Jackass Members do the "prank", cause you are going to laugh your ass off ! But I guess it´s a prank if they do it on someone who is asleep.. That would be so F***ing Funny !

Johnny Nnoxville just got married, that's probably his wives cousin or brother. Inside job and fixed!
Hope that someone gets horribly electrocuted and makes it interesting. If that's the crap in the movie it gonna bomb. Please tell me this is a prank and not really the winner

Come on you know this was just a ploy to get ideas because they #$%@ing ran out of them hahah of course they pick a crap prank they have a million more now to do

lolz, nah thats why you keep your shytt on file, so that if they use ur prank without permission, you sue em! (o O) weeeee!!!!

man, i read way better, no offense bro i mean you won fair and square but .. the crew couldda picked better, muscle stimulators was already done,.. multiple times.. oh well.. i guess the other ideas were a little .. (dare i say it?) too hardcore for the boys?.. .. . i hate myself for even thinking that. but thats what i get from this.. ho hum.

Congratulations man! Don't be bummed about the negative reactions and "that has already been done" critiques. You won fair and square AND your idea probably fitted best with the rest of the movie segments. Have fun meeting the crew!!!

Seriously, this gets thumbed down? ... Jealous wankers =P

Correcting again: you may add that 's' now.

wherte i can see the prank?

Uh 15 october, in the movie theatre? =D

that's a really gay idea and it's not even a prank and apparently it's been done before so mad original dude, NOT =P i don't even watch jackass like that and i know they could do better, this dude deff paid them off, BOOBOOFACE'S GROSS POOL IDEA SHOULD HAVE WON!!!!!!

lolz yay!!!!! booboo face i love you boo boo face!!! and miss you!!!! and you know why, CAUSE THATS THE SITUATION YOU SEE AND ITS ABOUT THAT TIME!!!!! ITS ABOUT THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

maybe they picked it due to the time they have to film it- i mean the film is out soon in the USA
and its simple to do... other ideas would have taken more planning and work etc. it is silly that they asked for the 'wildest' pranks ; they should of said- a prank we can do in about 10 mins with stuff out of a garage.

I miss my boobooface too ! and it is about that time! that's the situation you see =)

wow this is the most dissapointing thing ive seen in like 3 years mine was way better im not saying i should have won im just saying this kid shouldn't have. congtats "JACKASS"

best prank i saw good job dude and ur one of the luckiest people i know

Good job Sausage. Now I'm gone take some valium and let Calgon take me away...

God he is so Lucky!!! But now I feel like cutting myself because I am not that creative enough to even get a good prank in this contest! I mean compared to everyone else my sucked balls hard core!!! :(

It probably won because it's easy to do and won't cost any money. Hey, I loved the original "muscle stimulator," but for a new twist on an old skit to win this contest... ... well, that's a bit wack.

Dude, already done... I envy you, and no offense this one seriously shouldn't have won. I mean the stunts they do in the shows and other movies, this is puny #$%@ compared to all that. But any ways congrats and have fun with the crew new "Jackass"

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