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Paintball Blast

Paintball Blast

The title of this prank doesn't really tell everything about it. So here it is. Imagine Johnny Knoxville walking down the road among dozens of other pedestrains. Have police sirens blaring in the backround. Have a white van speeding hen come to a screeching halt. Have Bam margera, Steve-o, and Wee-Man jump out with paintball guns and start firing them at Johnny Knoxville. While all this is happening, Preston and Chris Pontius should be on the roof of a building bombing him with balloons filled with chicken fat. I think this is a funny prank and it would be hilarious to watch. My daughter and her friend came up with this and I'm submitting it for them. They can't wait for Jackass 3D. Hope this idea wins, if not, no hard feelings.


Joann Parlin    

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