News: Pallet Potty

Pallet Potty

I don't have any pictures; however, I did experience the most challenging event ever!  My Best friend and I live in a very "bon fire friendly" area (not much to do while under age, so we would frequent the motorcycle park and made many friends!  One time, we had 4 wood pallets burning on a hot camp fire, the flames were about two feet above the fire ring, then the urge to visit the little girl's room hit me and I had to tinkle.  Since the boys could go anywhere, I interpreted that as a challenge!  I soon decided to relieve myself on the camp fire.  What the heck?  The fire was too large any way, why not put it out a little?  So I climbed aboard the tall stack of pallets and proceeded to pop a squat!  It was the most challenging idea ever!  To Squat and pee over a fully blazing fire in front of cute boys, proved to be a more difficult challenge than I could ever imagine.  Needless to say... I tried my darndest to make it happen, and it was phenomenal!

When I read your post tonight, I thought that this challenge would be entertaining for you.  You might decide to Poop, Fart, or Squat to pee over such a bon fire, and in doing so, might be very entertaining for the rest of the world!

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