News: The Peeper Creeper

The Peeper Creeper

The Peeper Creeper

Johnny or whoever plans on bringing home a girl. Unknown to the girl, one of the fat crew members of JackAss is hiding in the closet of the room where the couple are getting to know eachother just a little bit better ;). The Fat guy is wielding a box of tissues and a giant bottle of Lube for his comfort ;). He is also wearing a ski mask, boxers, and wife beater (white undershirt). When things in the room begin to heat up, the fat guy explodes out of the closet (dick hangin out) surpising the hell out of the poor girl, looks both ways (lube and box of tissue are both clearly visible) and either A) Jumps out of the nearest window, or B) loses ten pounds by shitting himself and booking it out of the house.

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