News: Pickup Truck Baths in the Ritz

Pickup Truck Baths in the Ritz

Pickup Truck Baths in the Ritz

Use any kind of pickup truck and fill the truck bed with soapy water.  I will be the driver and will pull up to a parking space on a visible spot of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills near the shopping district.  I will be offering $2 baths to the homeless in the back of the truck.

Ryan Dunn, Dave, and Ehren will be dressed as bearded homeless guys and walk up to me wanting a bath.  They will briefly argue about having to pay because they're homeless but will eventually pay the two bucks, undress down to their drawers, and climb in the back of the truck and bathe while shocked Beverly Hills shoppers can't believe their eyes!

PS- The skit is not meant to mock the homeless- but to provide shock value to the unsuspecting shoppers around them not expecting such an event in an unlikely area.  It will also bring shame to me for supposedly trying to make a profit in such a ridiculous fashion.

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