News: Plastic Wrap Mayhem

Plastic Wrap Mayhem

Plastic Wrap Mayhem

Step 1  The Supplies

  • Plastic Wrap (lots of it)
  • Clear tape

Step 2 The Set-up

Make sure that the victim is sleeping while you do this. Put plastic wrap over most parts of the house. Main ones are: Toilet Seat, Doorways, Shower, Mailbox, Inside of cabinets (like when they open the door and try to reach stuff it blocks their way), Inside of the car, pretty much anywhere the victim tries to get things or tries to put something in.

Also try covering them in plastic wrap while they sleep. not their head but everything else. so they are confined to the bed. Wrap it all around the bed and covers. Make it as tight as possible.

Plastic Wrap Mayhem

Step 3 The Prank

When the victim wakes up, they will realize they cannot escape the bed. When they do they will already be pissed. Usually when people wake up they use the bathroom. So they will go to try to use the toilet and voila! They get sprayed! After this they will be pretty annoyed and catious of where the plastic wrap is. It's just funny to see them walk into the plastic wrap in the doorways and have themselves sprayed with piss or sometimes crap.


  • Have video cameras placed all around the house so you can watch when they arent there.
  • Have a buddy set some places up where he knows the victim doesnt usually go like a cabinet and have the prankster reach in there like there is no problem.


  • Victim will indeed go after the one who set this up
  • Prankster may indeed get hurt by victim

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