News: The Poisionous Snake

The Poisionous Snake

The Poisionous Snake

this idea you would be pranking someone on the crew, we can set up another stunt that has to do with a snake that is non poisionous so whoever is getting pranked will be biten by it and they can think that hey might die.....manny the expert can be there telling everyone that it is actually poisionous and they need to be rushed to the hospital as fast as possible....then to spice up the prank you can just get sic and twisted with it and pretend the car breaks down and they have to start running and set up down the road we can set up lik a gang threatening to kill them or a line of people with bean bag guns and can get a cannon filled with cow poo and blast them then rinse him off with a hose filled with pee and puke, or anything else of some sort....

u gotta choose me i have so many ideas but i can only chose one, jackass is great!!!!!!


Kevin McAfee

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