News: Pontius as the Studfinder

Pontius as the Studfinder

Pontius as the Studfinder

This one's for Party Boy Chris Pontius.  He gets to be 'The Stud'.  The Stud, dressed in his thong and bowtie, stands facing an unwooded section of "The Wall", constructed from gyprock with vertical 2 by 4 studs placed at 2 foot intervals.  Meanwhile, on the other side... "The Foremen" get into their construction gear and take turns attempting to find the stud by punching a hole through the wall... this goes on until the stud is found.


High or low? The stud will be standing with his hands extended straight up in the air, each foreman must decide the area they wish to demolish in order to properly find the stud.


Find the right stud first and you win, find the wrong stud and it just might hurt.

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