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poo dive

poo dive

First of all I just wanna say I'm a huge fan, I have watched and own all the Jackasses, have most of the Wild Boys seasons, watched all of Viva la Bam and Nitro Circus, plus CKY etc...

Ok so you shouldn't tell most of the crew about what your doing here obviously, but you find a building where you could put a fake door or curtain on the fourth or third floor. Then on the other side of the building so the guys don't see the door or the pool of shit or other nasty stuff, should be the parking lot. Just tell the guys your going for an interview or some shit like that.When you get to the floor tell him to go a head of you or go first, then when he gets to the door push him off through the curtain or door to fall 3 or 4 floors into the nasty ass pool!

I think it be a good 1 to do to Steve O cause he`s scared of heights. Well he might not actually cause he had to be Mafia tossed on W.B.'s but used to do fire ball backflips off of buildings into pools before so I'm not sure. OH SHIT wait! Do it to Preston lol.

Well i hope you pick mine! But if not maybe just scare some1 awake and squirt lemons in there eyes and run away! lol

Thanx for your time

Jake Pizzle

Ps. that not really my last name.

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