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So I had a couple ideas.

1. Take a port-a-potty and when somebody goes in lock them in, then roll it around a lil bit let them get nice and dirty, then put it on a truck, drive them to a mall put the port-a-potty in the middle of a crowd and unlock it.

2. Wee man dresses up like a little gorilla, preston dresses up like a big gorilla and instead of pretson chasing wee man, wee man should chase preston. I just think it would be funny to see

3. Make a couple decent sized catapults and fill them with some kinda shit...preferably dog shit or human shit and fling it at bams parents house and to make it a lil funnier combine #2 and #3 together (dress up like gorillas while doing it) so monkeys will be literally flinging shit at somebody.

I am a big fan of jackass and I am not gonna lie I have done my own stupid shit on film (we even made a group called I.C.U.P. Idiot Corporation of Unique Persons) but that was when i was like fifteen. Hope I when love the show keep on keepin on.

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