News: Pregnant Lady in a Car

Pregnant Lady in a Car

Pregnant Lady in a Car

Go to a car dealership dressed as a pregnant woman and ask to test drive a nice car. Once in the car start chatting with the car salesman and suddenly pretend to feel pain and start fake contractions. Pull over the car and start screaming. Make the salesman feel scared and worry about the car. Start having fake blood squirt everywhere and complain about how it feels like you are being eaten. Eventually have a fake devil baby come out of a dress or skirt (could just be a doll). Pretend that you switched places with the baby and that the devil is now in your body. Bite a fake blood capsule and say how you are going to eat the salesman. The guy will be freaking out not only because you pretend to be a devil, but because the car is wrecked.

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dude even just the concept of pregnancy during a test drive is a great idea. Have the lady to tell the car salesman to get ready to pull the baby out or catch the baby. Definitely would be awkward for him to say the least. you dont need all the devil crap because the idea itself is really good. It would definitely make it more sketchy for the person involved( the salesman) but it could take away from credibility. I say this because thats where I might have gone wrong with one of my pranks. but your idea made me laugh and I could picture the whole thing I think thats what they are looking for

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