News: Remote Control Demolition Derby Illusion

Remote Control Demolition Derby Illusion

Remote Control Demolition Derby Illusion


  • no one can get physically hurt just very emotional.

Remote Control Demolition Derby

Demolition derby cars are wired up with remote controls:  3 of the guys nervously strap themselves into each vehicle, whilst the other jackass's feel ecstatic to have hand held remotes to steer their buddies into walls and one another at death defying speed!!

The thing is, that their buddies didn't really strap themselves in, they did the magic switch and fake dummies replace them (helmets and all)

After many hilarious Crashes and Bangs we wait for a particular car to hit a wall; at which point, another remote operator (Knoxville) explodes the car into a 1000 fiery pieces!!

Oh No!.....Preston is dead!.. in a ball of flames!!!! OOHH NOOOO...NNOOoooo Boo hoooo!! We're so sorry !!.. We love you Preston!!.....Hahaha's not dead. 

He's alive and well watching it all on a tv monitor giggling his butt off sipping on Shinshu and eating truffles...... part two : Preston: the 'second coming' prank follows soon after. :  )

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i was hoping this would be kept off the cork board as now all the jackass's will know its a fake death illusion. oh well . it would still be so funny to watch a remote control derby ..driving into barriers and puling wheel spin donuts as the passengers wee their pants.

if i remember correctly, this sort of race style was hosted in Top Gear

On top gear no one was inside the car and there wasn't a jackass at the remote control.
that's why i posted it here, i thought it was a fun idea.

funny enough there, was people inside the car, james was in hammonds car, and hammond was in james'.

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