News: The Revival

The Revival

The Revival

For this prank it will have to take place at a local church to where you will need to exchange the coffin for the actual funeral, to a coffin where one of your buddies is inside. Once the exchange is made it may be more comical to add decaying features to the person's face (makeup) so when the coffin is opened by the pastor they also get a sickening suprise. Once the coffin is opened your buddy inside needs to pretend he is dead by not moving or shifting whatsoever and do this for at least 5 minutes until the pastor reaches the ending of his speech. Now this part is vital, you have to wait until someone comes over to the coffin to look at the deceased (could be pastor, nun, or church attendant) only for your buddy wake up screaming, bust out of the coffin and run through the church like a lunatic before exiting out the backdoor. 

- The Crazed Anarchist ;)

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