News: Romanian Meat. (RAT MEAT)

Romanian Meat. (RAT MEAT)

Romanian Meat. (RAT MEAT)


  • Rat meat contains diseases, bacteria and much more gross $#!T.
  • Have it cleaned and rid of bacteria to make it safe to eat.

German Meat. 

Step 1 Collect all of the jackass team and take them to dinner.


  • Have at least One Person who knows what they are eating.

Step 2 Let the waitress ask if they would like to try the new "Meat" they have.


  • Have the word "Rat" translated to Romanian which is: sobolan and put it into a meal name. Ex: sobolan curry or chili of sobolan.

Step 3 Cook the "sobolan" and serve it into all the meals except for who knows!

Step 4 Let them eat and TRY not to laugh!!


  • Try biting the end of your Tounge to prevent laughter.

Step 5 After the finish, tell them what sobolan means and enjoy how they react!


  • If they still don't get it, slap them and tell them it's RAT meat!!!

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