News: Runaway room

Runaway room

Runaway room

invite someone to a new nice home show them round but first give them chocolate (laxetive) or some sort of greeting of cookies or insist them to use the batroom or check it out if they dont accept, They go and do their buisness or if they were just washing their hands checking the sink while then the host leaves and locks the door and they cant get out and say hold on i might have to fix the door. but he floor in the bathroom is not connected to the house and the walls fall down exposing the, The bottom floor is chained to a fourwheeler and they get dragged out into the middle of the open while still on the toilet if not , keep the walls up and just take off while they just freaked out about  the room taking off from the house. This can be embarassing stunt like this or just have them in another room of the house with like furniture and get dragged out into the opening.

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