News: Satan Surprise!

Satan Surprise!

Satan Surprise!

Satan Surprise!

Synopsis: Tell one guy that a girl that one of the other guys knows just had some sketchy demonic encounter/satanic experience at some Wicca gathering she went to last night while she was trying to get answers from the past. Then say she's incredibly creeped out right now and is home alone tonight so they are going to seize the opportunity(while she's still scared) and have him dress up as Satan himself and go to her house late at night and "appear" to her in her bedroom. (Don't be overly descriptive in telling him about her situation or he won't by it.) Say: "Dude get this, so Jenna just went with her Wiccan friend to some weird festival last night to get her fortune read or something like that and she had some weird satanic experience and she's so sketched out right now." Note: For simplicity purposes I will refer to the girl as "Jenna" and the guy who thinks he's going to be scaring her as "Satan." Due to the fact that he thinks he's "in" on the prank he won't suspect the prank is actually being played on him. (The "Jenna" character will be "in" on the prank and its actually going to be her scaring him.)The premise is that the "Satan" character will go to Jenna's house with a camera man late at night and the "Satan" is going to hide in a bathroom of Jenna's house at a given point(with door closed),  lose contact with his cameraman in the house, hear "Jenna" haunt/stalk the cameraman, hear the cameraman plead with her, and then hear a heavy mannequin collapse to the floor and a fake version of the cameraman's $30,000 crash to the floor as well. A large chunk of cow meat could possibly be stabbed to make it sound like "jenna" stabbed the cameraman. When the director orders "Satan" to emerge from hiding in the bathroom to find the cameraman he will find himself alone and encounter "Jenna," dressed like a psychopath, ready to pounce from the counter at him, AND with a very deep, demon-like voice; the effect of having her inhale Sulfur hexafluoride gas before speaking to him,( similar to helium but opposite in effect.) Having her say creepy things to him like "Ive been waiting for you" with that voice will be enough to scare him, she won't need to chase him. To prevent "Satan" from being able to turn on the lights in the house when the prank is flipped on him brief "Satan" ahead of time that they will cut the power in the house to make it more horrific for "Jenna," if and when she tries to turn on the lights herself. I think he will actually think she's possessed because he really wouldn't think to realize that the prank might actually be on him due to the fact that the "Satan" character thought he was "in" on the prank in the first place. Especially due to the fact that he's never encountered anyone before with a voice of the sinister quality that Sulfur hexafluoride will provide.  Anyone who has heard  someone speak after inhaling Sulfur hexafluoride can imagine how traumatizing it would be to encounter someone who just inhaled it speaking to you when you're all alone in the middle of the night.

Wait, what is sulfur hexa-fluoride? Sulfur hexa-fluoride is a gas that is five times denser than air, thus, after inhaling it the sound waves being created  when we talk have a much more difficult time navigating the thicker gas as they exit the vocal tract. This makes the voice of the person who inhales the gas to seem five times deeper than it normally would sound. If you do this with a girl who has a pretty deep voice to begin with when "Jenna" finally does encounter "Satan" and says something threatening to him in an inhumanly deep voice, human reasoning will tell "Satan" that he might not be listening to a girl anymore but possibly a demon speaking through the girl. If he doesn't believe that she could possibly have disposed of his fellow cameraman, when he hears her speak in a voice so deep and sinister that no human could possibly speak in otherwise I think he will become convinced very quickly he might be in trouble.

Setting: (Just find a location that fits this description you don't need to build a house); The prank will be done to "Satan" at Jenna's slightly run down house;The house should be a single story rectangular house with a long dirt driveway in a rural area with not many neighbors. Have the house be in the middle of nowhere so it appears sketchy.The house should be isolated by trees on all sides to prevent view from other houses or other sources of human life. (Away from paved roads, street lights,etc.) The "Satan" character needs to feel as alone and out of reach of neighbors as possible. All the lights will be off in the house as well. All parties will have earpieces so the director can coordinate their cues and improvise.

Actual Conduction: Dress the "Satan" character in the scariest costume you can find to make him actually believe the intent was to scare "Jenna." ("Jenna" is "in" on the prank remember.) Drive to "Jenna's" house but make sure the drive to the house is sketchy enough and lets "Satan" realize he is secluded from society at the present moment. (This prank is done around 2 AM remember.) Upon reaching the house the cameraman and "Satan" would be given orders from a director who would be watching from a tv monitor from the inside of a trailer nearby and could improvise the prank as necessary. (Similar to how it is in Punk'd; with Ashton Kutcher giving orders to the people involved.) Set up hidden cameras in the house ahead of time and brief "Satan" that the cameras are positioned there for the filming of him scaring her and not the other way around. (Less cameramen makes this prank more feasible.) Have "Jenna" turn all lights off in house before they arrive so when the crew arrives and cuts off the power in the house "Satan" will perceive it to have been less noticeable to "Jenna" and that she were probably sleeping to begin with(because the lights in the house were off to begin with.) Have them enter the house from the door furthest from the bedroom. Tell "Satan" his goal is to make it to the bedroom to scare her there. This way they will have ample distance to walk through the house. This next segment is depicted through attached pictures "1 and 2." The "Satan" character and his cameraman will walk to a point in the house( Kitchen), upon which a different cast member,"the walker," will create a sound in the bedroom to make "Satan" think Jenna is actually in there and she is possibly waking up so "Tremaine" will then tell "Satan" to hide in the bathroom so if it is jenna she doesn't walk out of her bedroom and discover him standing in her kitchen.  I have marked the bathroom as "X" in picture "1." At that point tell "Satan" to wait in the bathroom until they know she's asleep. Once "Satan" is in the bathroom with the door closed, "Jenna," who was previously concealed on the kitchen counter by the black curtain in position "A,"(picture 1) will  be on headset as well and be given orders by Tremaine to quietly come out and assume her horrific stance depicted in "picture 2," at location "B" of picture "1" (with her hair unkempt, wearing a ripped bloody white t-shirt, and cut off blue shorts and no socks/shoes.) Tremaine will tell "Satan" to "Stay in the bathroom until we know shes asleep." (Jenna will remain on the counter in that position while the following events are going on to allow improvising the prank if "Satan" does walk out of the bathroom early;thus she can still speak to him and scare him.) (Having Tremaine keep him in the bathroom until the right time will make this significantly better). While "Satan" is in the bathroom  "the walker" who was stationed in the bedroom and actually created the original sound will open the bedroom door and will walk past the bathroom to the closet where the cameraman went and hid. "The walker" will be carrying a fake replica $30,000 camera when she walks out. This will make sense in a minute. (having this cast member walk out of the bedroom makes it sound/appear to "Satan" as though it is jenna herself walking  around, and as ordered he will remain in the bathroom until she goes back to bed.) In the closet he will put down his actual camera and grab his formerly concealed 80 lb replica mannequin version of himself(same outfit) and put it over his shoulder. For "Satan" at this point to actually think his cameraman is being attacked by "Jenna" there are three sound effects I think would be instrumental to making it sound believable to him to hear from the bathroom. The first sound would be the sound of a closet door being ripped open(the sound of "the walker" finding the cameraman). The next would be "the walker" hissing like a snake, and the cameraman quickly running away towards the kitchen screaming "WAIT STOP!!!  LET ME GO!!" (Keep in mind at this point the cameraman is running with/carrying his 80lb replica version and "the walker" is carrying an imitation $30,000 camera.) As both the cameraman and "the walker" run into the kitchen have the cameraman throw/drop his mannequin as loudly as possible and have "the walker" throw down the camera onto the floor. (It will sound to "Satan" as if his cameraman has just been knocked unconscious  for some reason.( It would have been too hard for the camera man to carry both his camera and the mannequin so I had "the walker" walk out of the bedroom with the fake camera in the first place  and had her eventually throw it to the floor.) Tremaine would at that point then comment to "Satan"s earpiece:"What the heck?!, Camera 1 just disconnected! Ive got nothing… 'Satan' stay in the bathroom until 'Jenna'goes back in her room and wait for my signal to go find the cameraman and tell him to reconnect." At this point "Satan" will then hear the sound of "a cameraman" (the mannequin) being dragged across the kitchen floor and into "Jennas" bedroom. He will hear the sound of wires and headsets that are attached to the dummy being dragged for authenticity.(This will be done by "the walker" because Jenna is still on the counter in the Picture 2 Position.)While "the walker" is loudly walking/dragging the mannequin back to the bedroom it should theoretically be loud enough to allow the cameraman to sneak back into the closet to get out of view. After "Satan" hears "the walker" walk to the bedroom and close the bedroom door Tremaine will signal/tell "Jenna" who is on the counter, to inhale from a tube connected to a sulfur hexa-flouride tank for a few seconds. (This will make her voice incredibly deep.) Tremaine will then order "Satan" to walk out from the bathroom . But when "Satan" opens the bathroom door he will encounter the scene I depicted in "Picture 2." (minus the cameraman on the ground). He will see his friends $30,000 camera destroyed, he will be dumbfounded as to how "Jenna" just got to the counter without making a sound(because he just heard her walk  into her bedroom?!), and on top of that he hears "jenna" say to him; "'I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU!" in the most sinister deep female voice wearing the creepiest outfit he's ever seen. I'm not going to tell you what "Satan's" reaction will be because I will never know until it happens. But if I had to take a guess, I'd say bring extra pairs of clean underwear to the set.

Suggestion: Jackass is comedy, not horror. I did not intend for this to be a visually gruesome scene. I personally think stabbed replica mannequins aren't needed but people might think they could add to making the "Satan" believe he is in danger. I revised this skit from the original pictures because it is so sketchy already.  I formerly had a meat stabbing sound effect and the pictures indicate leaving a cameraman replica on the ground but it just starts to make the prank creepy to all parties involved.  This was a blast to write not going to lie.

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