News: The Shi**aPalooza

The Shi**aPalooza

The Shi**aPalooza

First things first, this has to be a hidden prank on the cast of the show,
so dont let em see this,

the prank is called the shittapalooza
and heres how its done
first the cast is called in for a meeting,
set up during lunch time with drinks and snacks
preferably chocolate chip cookies
now whatever is the safest bet,
either liquid enema or chocolate ones
placed in their drinks or snacks without them knowing
as mere minutes go by, everyone will be uncontollably shitting their pants
their comments and complains would literally put people laughing their socks off

a spice to add to the gag would be to clog the nearby toliets
making them crap their pants
but thats if you are looking to really die laughing

my names jon dadabo and thats my prank
hope you use it!

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