News: the shitty ending

the shitty ending

the shitty ending

Here is what to do,

get a catapult fill it full of poo launch it and try to hit someone that's strapped onto a huge target and once you hit them they sound a horn, bam goes down a ramp on a skateboard dodging piles of poo if he clears it he hits a sign that drops steve-o into a pile of poo he vomits into a bucket, the weight of the bucket pulls the string attached to it, it opens a little gate were wee-man crawls through and he goes into like a suridge pipe, once he gets out the other end he falls into a net which triggers a light showing everyone else to run and dive into a huge pile of poo and once that happens a massive sign comes up saying    THE END

P.S. sorry about my spelling, please watch my movies on youtube, it says me and my friends want to become the next jackass, here is a link to our youtube page, thank you

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