News: The Shitty massage

The Shitty massage

The Shitty massage

A massage worker calls a jackass memeber and says you just won a free 2 hour massage and we would like you to come [this day] and he will be there he will lay down on his tummy with nose plugs and the massager would open a little can with shit in it and say this is a cream that make's your back feeling good all day and then their wll be piss in a bottle and say its a water that makes you back have no wrinkels and  then the massager will take off the nose plugs and then you will push the jackass member would get pushed into a wagon of cow shit.......Please pick me im a huge fan of all you dude's and the own i live in they never sell jackass stuff but meeting the jackass crew would be amazing i love makeing funnvideo's nd i would love o ake one wth you

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