News: The Shock Collar Maze

The Shock Collar Maze

The Shock Collar Maze

Create an invisible fence maze and place a shock collar on one of the guys to see if they can get through the invisible maze with minimal (or maximum) pain.  While he is going through, feel free for the other guys to come and push him outside the invisible fence. Maybe even have angry dogs chasing after him to add extra incentive to move quickly.

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I was looking at this for an idea how to build a shock collar, but this sounds like torture for your dog. You bastard.

I don't think this article was geared toward using the collars on dogs. It was an idea for some Jackass competition a long time ago.

If you ever go ahead with this then you either need to complete this course with said dog collar on (and dogs chasing you) or give this dog to a better home.

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