News: Sketchy Favor

Sketchy Favor

Sketchy Favor

This is a simple but hilarious prank!

Step 1 Find someone to prank. It could be anyone.

Step 2 Have the "pranker" ask the person if they would hold something for a second.

Step 3 Have the pranker give the person the item.

Step 4 As soon as the person has the item, have a few cop cars pull up.

Step 5 Have the "police" make a fake arrest for "possesion of stolen preperty"

Step 6 Have the police convince the person they are going to jail.

Step 7 After the person gets so scared, admit that it was just a prank.

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I googled my name and this came up. Thats so sick hope you win.

Step it up this JACKASS not Americas funniest Videos!

what would make it better. I no it could be worse cuz there is a jello dick one.

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