News: the Ski jump

the Ski jump

the Ski jump

 you must find a huge tree or bridge or build something clost to a water fall. so you get some one to put on some water skis and rope swing with them on from a high place to get tons of speed. the rope swing will be long enough to put the skis just abve the water that guy lets go, and skis to a jump that is off the water fall. (mind you this water fall is like 20 ft or so high) that guy falling after the jump lands on a blob and throws some one like jeff t into the air. water ski man would be preston if he could get the balls to one go down the swing then two go off the jump down a water fall so vote chris or stevo so he can have a chance to be in a movie on skis and be in the movie not like poo mountin. or hell i will do it.

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