News: Sky Dive Terror

Sky Dive Terror

Sky Dive Terror

Step one.

Find out who is most terrified of heights, someone inevitably will be!

Step two.

Organise a simple sky dive session for them and claim it will be great footage for the film because they're so scared of heights.

Step three.

Pre organise with the sky diving instructor who will dive with them to  FAKE/ACT that the parachute is stuck and unable to open.

Step four - the glory.

Film the footage via head cam, wrist cam etc etc and watch them scared stiff as they think they're failing to their death!

Theres no better humor than when people are terrified for no reason.

Alex Hardy :)

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Use Bam and add a snake into the jump

Just hope that they don't die of fright before the cord is pulled : 0

Bam would be epic in this stunt! Was kind of thinking Preston due to humor factor :)

Weight requirement can't be over 250 lbs. sorry Preston

Bam then, without a doubt aha

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