News: Slide Surprise

Slide Surprise

Slide Surprise

Hello jackass crew!

My prank is called the Slide Surprise

From the 3rd/4th floor of a house or apartment building, blast a hole in the floor. Preferably in the middle of the living room. Cover the hole with a rug.

Then insert a tube slide from below the hole that goes through the apartment below and out the window. Have a slide coming from top floor of living room out to the 1st floor living room/window, out  in to a pool of anything disgusting. (ex: poo, sardines, lube, bugs, roadkill) you name it! Anything gross should be in the pool.

The slide should also be slicked up, for a nice slip n slide. ; ).

i hope you enjoyed my idea. its the best i can think of

love you all!


ps. sorry for the crappy drawing  : )

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Cassandra's idea rocks! Make it happen!!!

OMG this has to be on jackass! it's awesomee, I imaginee steve-O and Ehren falling down , steve can take it but ehren jajajaja it will be awesome!

aww thx!!! i know right, it would be awesome! :)

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