News: Snake Skinny Dip

Snake Skinny Dip

Snake Skinny Dip

Hi it's Jake, I know Bam hates snakes  and Steve O kinda does too so i thought of the Snake Pit. find a hotel or apartment  with a good swiming pool, get it drained then get some kind of lubricant like mud or maybe cooking oil, something that wont hurt snakes but is really slippery, then get a bunch of none venomous snakes and put them into the pool. go get Steve & Bam, maybe tell them there is a bunch of chicks that wanna meet us in the pool for a skinny dip. So when you bring them down there have the lights off, as well have a bunch of people around the pool ready to put them in the pool and keep them in there for a while. Everyone might need a pillow or something to push them in with cause they might try to hurt you for putting them in there lol

Thanks for your time

Jake Pizzle

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Awsome, or you could just try lure bam or steve o in a Pool and then trow a non venomous snake in there ^^ And let it swim around freak everyone out xD

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