News: Snakes in a Hotel

Snakes in a Hotel

Snakes in a Hotel

Step 1

Build a fake hotel bed that is entirely hollow.

Have it look like it's just a normal bed with sheets on the side and everything.

Step 2

Fill the hollow bed with snakes (like in Indiana Jones: last crusade)

Rig the sheets on a pulley system to rip in the center and pull off to the side.

Step 3

Create a fake prank for the contest winner so bam thinks that they are going to shoot a different prank the next day.

Step 4

Either have bam lie on the bed with a piece of stunt glass or something along those lines and have it break by remote (possibly the remote control for the tv)


Have someone push/tackle Bam onto the bed into the snake pit.

Step 5

The side of the bed will have plexi-glass pieces that can easily be pulled up creating a glass room for bam to be with the snakes in.

Step 6

If you want to go the extra mile you could drop a box of mice in there with him.

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