News: Snakes on a Plane

Snakes on a Plane

Snakes on a Plane


Snakes on a Plane

(or Serpents on an Aircraft if copyrighted)

This recipe has been passed on for many generations.


1 or more

Unsuspecting Jackasses


One private jet capable of doing in air maneuvers and stunts.


One pilot capable of making the jet do rolls, loops, ect.

Shit Ton



1.   Place unsuspecting crew on plain under false pretences (going to Vegas, photo shoot, or flying to location to film something for this stupid contest)

2.   Lock cabin, and door to the pilot, take off.

3.   Once in the air have the pilot fake turbulence and come over the loud speaker and say something like " folks looks like we have some problems it's seem there are mother fucking snakes on this mother fucking plane".

4.   Release the snakes.

5.   Start the stunt flying.

6.   Enjoy.

Tip:  If snakes are unable get creative (poo, bees, used condoms, polar bear, ect ).

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