News: Soapy Suds Water Chug

Soapy Suds Water Chug

Soapy Suds Water Chug

Some old buddies and I used to play "Tonk for Water"- where at the end of each hand (of the card game "Tonk), the player with the highest hand had to drink a bottle of water.  But the water is no ordinary water!  It's soap sud water chugged from an empty- but unrinsed- shampoo bottle.  The soap sud water sickens the most frequent loser, leading to many great laughs for all!

To quicken up the game for a skit, instead of playing Tonk, we'd take turns drawing a card from a face-down deck of cards.  Whoever draws the lowest card chugs the soap sud water bottle!  Good to drink alcie while playing too to speed up the sickness for a skit.

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